Can Your Customers Find You?

Do you have Enough business?

Is your web site paying for itself in new customers?

  • If you are a local business with a website – You absolutely need to be in the major search engine's local map listings.
  • If you are a local business without a website - You absolutely need to be in the major search engine's local map listings.

    - More people now use search engines than phone books!
    - If your customers can't find you in the search engines, you are losing important business!
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We specialize in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for local small businesses:

  • Global SEO to increase your Organic or Natural Search Engine Rankings
  • Local SEO for Google, Yahoo & MSN Maps and other local listing websites
  • Search Engine Optimization Best Practices
  • Search Engine Tools set up and training
  • De-mystify search engines and the internet

It's hard being a local small business! Times are hard! Keeping up is hard! And adding one more thing to your plate, like Search Engine Optimization, can be hard.

We get it. While you are focusing on your business, we help you become more competitive online.

We'll help you maximize the potential of your existing website, increase your website traffic, increase local sales, and most importantly, increase your bottom line.

  • 35% of all online searches are local
  • 61% of all local searches result in purchases
  • 73% of online activity is related to local content

Don’t have a website? No problem. We can help you become more prominent on Local Maps search results in the same place they find any local business.

If they can't find you, YOU just don't exist! If you are not there you are losing important business.

On Point SEO Specializes in Local Search Engine Optimization for Local Small Businesses


We specialize in helping small businesses with their website strategies. Many small businesses have limited funds to spend on SEO and yet this is a vital necessity to create traffic to their web sites and to get their businesses to take off.

The first thing to realize is that the internet can level the playing field, a lot. In the internet world, if you act big, perform big and follow through like you are big, people will think you are big.

The second thing is you need to do is touch all the bases. Effective optimization for a local small business encompasses a site-wide strategy: local maps listings and optimization, organic/natural optimization, on-page optimization strategies, targeted page development for each of your business services, getting trustworthy links to your site, utilizing search engine optimization tools to refine your strategy and possibly pay-per-click advertising.

A website can be a critical resource for a small business, but not everyone can throw thousands of dollars at search engine optimization. That is why we have created several affordable SEO Packages that will help your website become more of a money maker for you. These packages include the best practices of local and natural SEO and can also be tailored to your website and business.

Local Search Engine Optimization

Local Search Engine Optimization is absolutely essential if you are a locally based small business. Local SEO brings local visitors to your site that are ready to buy and are highly motivated, meaning they will convert from visitors to customers more easily. And that is what we want to accomplish for your small business - easy to find, easy to use and easy to purchase.

Whether you have a website or not, you can be found in the search engines through their local map listings. Search engines have recognized that an increasing percentage of searches have local intent - that is they are searches for local businesses. They have responded in a big way by providing local listings with a map above the natural or organic results. This is Huge! You can take advantage of this by optimizing locally. And, did I say you don't have to have a website? Yes, that is correct, they list businesses with and without websites.

Claim Your Local Listing!

You could already have local map listings showing for your business. However, your listings could be incorrect, or worse yet, one of your competitors may have their contact information associated with your listing! One of the most important things you can do is Claim Your Local Listing! Our local SEO listing service will claim your business listing in Google, Yahoo and Bing local listing centers. We will also submit, update or correct your listing information on other local aggregators such as Super Pages, InfoUSA, Yelp, and many more.

Organic or Natural Search Engine Optimization

Organic or Natural SEO involves using search engine best practices to rank higher in the major search engine results pages. SEO Best Practices include things like: good keyword discovery and usage, unique titles and description tags for each page with good keyword usage, unique content that makes you an authority in your field, alt tags for your images and good site structure. Many of the best practices for search engines also make it easier for customers to navigate your site and find your products and services.

Your competitors, large or small, have been buffing up their web presence for some time now, so if your website is feeling a little flabby, you need to head on over to the “Internet Gym” and get some good workouts in. Your competitors know that their websites have worked for them in some pretty powerful ways. They may be getting half or more of their revenue through web conversions or leads. You need to know that if you work hard at it, it can significantly increase your bottom line. This is huge and if you aren’t in the game, you are missing out on serious opportunities.

The goal of your web pages is twofold: 1) appear high in the search engines and 2) encourage people to click on your search results listing. To rank high in the search engines you need to pay attention to basics and best practices of the search engines. To get people to click on your listings, you need to write good titles, descriptions and URL’s (website address) to differentiate yourself from the crowd. If you can do these 2 things well, your web pages and consequently your website should perform well for you over time.

Dressing Up and Standing Out on the Curb

You've seen Uncle Sam on the corner near the tax business at tax time with a big sign. Ever wonder why? That is because with everything going on they want to stand out from other businesses. They know that half the work of gaining more customers is getting found. This same is true of the internet, maybe even more important. You need to do the same thing with search engines. If you aren't being found, your customers may be virtually driving right by your door.

So, we dress up your website (nothing offensive, mind you) and get it out on the curb where it can be seen so your potential customers can find you more easily in both local and natural listings.

Search Engine Optimization Tools

Your SEO strategies need to be an ongoing process. So you need to know how they are viewed by the search engines and how people are finding your site. One of the best practices is to sign up for the major search engine webmaster tools and a good analytics program. Google, Yahoo and MSN all have webmaster tools that not only alert you of any issues they have cataloging (indexing) your site, but also provide some insights of where you can focus your SEO efforts.

There are several free analytics tools. I recommend Google Analytics. You can track visitors and referrals to your site and make adjustments based on these website metrics. I recommend using these tools as an ongoing process to refine your SEO and continue to rank highly in searches.

De-Mystify Search Engines and the Internet

For most small business owners the internet and optimizing for search engines seems complicated, time consuming and mysterious. Mainly because they just do not have time to delve deeply into how things work. Our focus is de-mystifying the internet, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, link building and pay for click marketing for our clients.

Have You Claimed Your Business Listing in Google Places?

Un-claimed local business listings are at risk of being hijacked by spammers and crooks. Don't let your local listing show your competitor's website and phone number!
You need to Claim Your Listing NOW!
One easily corrected mistake many small businesses make is failing to claim their local listings in Google, Yahoo and Bing which means losing valuable business locally to your competitor. Don't let this happen to your small business.

How to Claim Your Local Listing in Google Places

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